Switzerland: a day trip to the Swiss Alps

The following day we travelled to Central Station in Milan by metro where we were meeting Ryan and Alan, Dave’s other friends from Boston, who had organised a trip to Milan and Switzerland. After dinner we picked up a rental car and the four of us drove in our little rental panda towards St. Moritz, an alpine resort set in the Engadin valley of Switzerland, the luxurious Swiss Alps ski resort is famous for hosting the Winter Olympics previously and winter skiing holidays. It took us four hours to get to Ryan and Alan’s accommodation, but with lots to catch up on and not much scenery to view as it was dark, we arrived finally late in the night. We stopped in the only open restaurant at 10pm in the low season and spent a ridiculous amount of Swiss francs on pizza and pasta. Keen for a good nights rest we went to bed and met in the morning for breakfast before heading to St Moritz and the Bernina Pass.

On our way we saw some beautiful snow capped mountains surrounding the still yellow autumn trees, the wind whipped at the mountains creating a snow mist that was simply stunning. Made up of lakes, mountains and light, it was paradise.

High in the Swiss Alps, the mountains made our little panda seem tiny in comparison. Wrapped up warm with several layers, we walked slowly along the frozen path towards the Berghaus Diavolezza. The aerial cable car entrance was located directly on the road leading over the Bernina Pass, which would take us into the snowy mountains. After paying a slightly extortionate rate for our ticket (which completely blew our budget for the next two days!) we travelled up in the cable car, 3000 meters above sea level, witnessing the change in climate and view as we ascended further. It was a marvel to see the stunning snow mountains surrounding us from all sides, and with the ski season just beginning, there were many who had taken to the snow already!

Playing in the snow and walking across the ridge we spent hours just taking in our beautiful surroundings and the delights of one of the most stunning views in the Eastern Swiss Alps. Dave and myself continued to walk on the edge of the snowy mountains before deciding it started to get a bit too dangerous and headed back towards Ryan and Alan.

Leaving the ski resort we headed nearby to the Lago Bianco lake which was emerald green in colour and looked beautiful against the snow capped mountainous background and the desert-like rocky lowland hills. 

We continued in the car through St Moritz to have a wonder around the shimmering blue lake and the elegant and quaint town. It was easy to imagine how this place would capture the essence of a Winter Wonderland when in full season.

After a while we headed onto the main road towards Milan, admiring the autumnal colours, blue skies, and abandoned churches.

Passing through the Swiss – Italian border, it wasn’t long before we encountered an almighty waterfall which could be heard before we saw it. The Cascades Dell Acquafraggia Waterfalls in the Lombardio region is a natural monument located in Piuro, Valchiavenna has the Pizzo Lago as its source 3050 meters high. Standing beneath, we admired the final drop of the falls which creates a double waterfall. It was absolutely stunning to view and simply breathtaking!

Later that evening we treated ourselves to an amazing hot shower before relaxing with some beers and chatting away into the early hours of the morning. Leaving Ryan and Alan, we had some breakfast before leaving once more with our backpacks to meet our next Blablacar who would take us onto Munich.

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