Our first few days…

Arriving at Athens airport Sunday morning, the heat hit us immediately and the sun was strong (why does the sun always seem more powerful in a different country i do not know!) After an airport sandwich and using their wifi to try and figure out where we had to head to next, we caught the metro to Monstiraki which is where our hotel was based. 
Exploring Athens centre and the ever winding streets could take you the whole day. A famous flea market in the centre square is bustling with people, little market stalls selling everything from fresh fruit to scarves, hats and sunglasses. Other streets surrounding the breathtaking and incredible Acropolis are littered with cafes, restaurants, and ice cream parlours (so many flavours to choose from, the choice is endless.) There is a constant milling of people wherever you go, and with the nightlife being so vibrant, restaurants extend their tables and seating outside to create a great atmosphere which you cannot ignore. Fairy lights line the outdoor seating and although busy with chatter noise, laughter draws you in together with the smell of delicious food.

After spending a couple of days in Athens centre we headed on foot with our backpacks (which are somewhat heavier than when we arrived…how I don’t know because we haven’t bought anything yet!) to a coach stop 30 minutes away…walking for this short amount of time with my backpack definitely made me realise I will have to send some clothes home if and when we decide to do some trekking, there is no way I could carry it for longer and not get grumpy! The coach journey gave us a chance to nap and regroup for 2 hours where we arrived in Lavrion late Tuesday morning. After stopping for a iced coffee at the drop off point we headed towards the harbour where we looked for the boat where we will be spending the next week of our journey, “Wishing For The Moon”.
Sailing from Lavrion to our first island Kea, we quickly introduced ourselves and began instantly to help out with all the ropes and floating aids as we headed away from the port. As Dave helped out with the main sail and jib, I was given the important job of the wheel to steer in right direction…or try to as starting out seems easier when your watching than actually doing so…It’s incredible how much concentration is needed to keep the boat on course…you need a point on the land as reference or you can navigate with the compass, as well as watching for other nearby boats and ships, and coral!(interesting fact, you can tell if coral is nearby by the change in colour of the sea near the land). 

After a few hours sailing we set down anchor in Kea Bay and it didn’t take us long to jump into the blue/green clear water, it was so refreshing and the perfect on such a warm day. Early evening we made our way to shore for dinner, getting our skipper Len to take us by dingy to nearby land where we walked to the restaurant, Dave had shrimp spaghetti and I had the souvlaki which was absolutely delicious! 

A really enjoyable first day sailing with scrumptious food had us tired and ready fork our night on the boat, but not before we sampled some homemade limoncello for a nightcap! 

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