And so it begins…

Having finally packed up our little caravan home and said our many goodbyes to family and friends, (and also getting the most thoughtful and generous leaving presents to take with us!) we can officially say we are on our way! 

After a emotional and somewhat tearful goodbye on my part at departures, we are currently at Stansted airport waiting to board our flight, the excitement can finally take over us as our adventure begins.
Backpacks in tow, slightly cumbersome and packed to the brim, we are ready. Overpacking this last week has been a big problem for me especially with my love of shoes and Dave’s love of tech having to be massively condensed….how can I possibly fit a years worth of shoes into a 40L backpack??? Fours pairs may still be too many and I may have to conveniently lose a pair to make space for other essentials! What’s harder is after having sketched out a rough journey for our first few months travelling, is that week one we will be in the glorious, powerful, and maybe even sometimes unbearable sunshine sailing; in a couple of months time we will be braving minus figures for a Russian winter…hence the overpacking and repacking of my trusty rucksack! All I can say is thank god RyanAir now allow you to take two small carry-on’s!! 
Let the adventure begin!

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